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Bristol’s Stage Coaches, by Dorian Gerhold.
Groundbreaking study of all aspects of coaching between Bristol, Bath and London, and Bristol and other destinations, by the acknowledged authority on pre-railway road transport. A scholarly but readable treatment which penetrates the romantic veneer to provide the key to understanding the stagecoach system as a whole. October 2012, 326 pages, illustrations, maps and tables, paperback, £17.95, ISBN 978-1-906978-15-0.

Shot for a White-Faced Deer: Life at the New Forest Edge, 1837-1914, by Stephen Ings.

This eloquent and finely observed social history charts the lives of a rural population whose horizons were defined by the Hampshire and Wiltshire countryside between Salisbury, Romsey and Fordingbridge. Their unassuming stories of joy and celebration, mingled with sadness and poverty, are told with great insight and sympathy, and make a significant contribution to our understanding of the Victorian and Edwardian world so wholly removed from our own. It is a profoundly moving and sensitive account, expertly told in the finest tradition of English country writing. October 2010, 229 x 152mm, 222 pages, illustrations, paperback, £12.95, ISBN 978-1-906978-00-6.

The Pump Room Orchestra, Bath, by Robert Hyman and Nicola Hyman.

This is a pioneering and entertaining history of the City of Bath’s Pump Room Band over three centuries. It explores the triumphs and tragedies of the musicians who took to the stage of the famous Pump Room and the audience who followed them. It is co-written by a current Pump Room Trio violinist, with a Foreword by Tom Conti. Illustrated throughout. November 2011, 214 pages + 8 pages of colour, £14.95. ISBN 978-0-946418-74-9.

A Wessex Nativity: Celebrating Midwinter in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, compiled by John Chandler.

Every year it creeps up on us. We love it or hate it, but we cannot ignore it. Christmas and all its wintry associations – old customs, merry-making, feasting and worshipping – have inspired some of the finest, most intriguing, most memorable writing in the English language. And much of it emanates from the counties of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, the area that has come to be known as Wessex. For two decades John Chandler has been collecting Christmas poetry, fiction, folklore and traditions from all over Wessex – the odd and obscure alongside all the old favourites. And here it all is, a sumptuous Christmas banquet served up with all the trimmings, to delight anyone interested in the history of Wessex, or the history of our winter celebrations. November 2010, 229 x 152mm, 420 pages, illustrations, paperback, £14.95, ISBN 978-1-906978-22-8.


The Floss on the Mill: the re-awakening of a watermill, by Desna Greenhow.

Otterton Mill, in rural East Devon, was derelict and neglected when the author moved into the Mill House next door. This book celebrates a 25-year plus adventure of restoring it to working order and creating in its buildings an extraordinary centre for arts and crafts, natural foods, education and entertainment. 2004, 144-page illustrated (by Jed Falby) paperback, £8.95, ISBN 0-946418-20-9.

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