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You are welcome to email me with details of books you wish to purchase from me direct. Remember to include your full postal address. Do not send money - I will include an invoice with your purchase, enabling you to pay me by cheque or bank transfer. I do not charge for UK postage and packing. My email address is john@hobnobpress.co.uk. And if you are a trade customer please contact me by this means. Please note that some titles, although still in print, are not sold by me, as I produced them on behalf of others. Where this is the case it is indicated at the end of the book description.

However, because the older backstock is stored in Yorkshire there will often be a week or two's delay before I can satisfy your order. You may prefer, therefore, to purchase through a local bookshop or online bookseller (of which many advertise my books), and the latter course is particularly recommended if you are purchasing from outside the UK. If like many booklovers you prefer not to buy from Amazon, try visiting Bookshop.org, a site coordinated by and benefitting independent bookshops. As a small independent publisher I am an affiliate of Bookshop.org. It will be helpful if you make a note of the ISBN of any book you wish to order. With the burgeoning of online secondhand booksellers you may be able to purchase out-of-print Hobnob titles, and to assist you in finding the details there is a complete listing, by ISBN, of all books ever published by Hobnob Press on another page of this site. Books specific to places in Wiltshire and the surrounding area are often in stock in local bookshops. Note that I cannot handle online payments.

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